Format Hardcover
Publication Date 11/07/23
ISBN 9781639366187
Trim Size / Pages 6 x 9 in / 384

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The Twelve Days of Murder

A Novel

Andreina Cordani

Eight friends created the exclusive Masquerade Murder Society while in college. The murders they solved were fictional—until their final masquerade, when one of the group disappeared. Twelve years later, the remaining members are invited to a reunion in the Scottish Highlands . . .

Twelve years ago, eight friends ran an exclusive group at university: The Masquerade Murder Society. The mysteries they solved may have been grisly, and brilliantly staged, but they were always fictional—until their final Christmas Masquerade, when one of the group disappeared, never to be seen again.

Now our young, privileged cast of old university friends are summoned to the depths of Scotland for a Christmas-themed masquerade party. But all are hiding something deep below the surface that could make or break their careers. Charley is a struggling actress who has always been on the periphery of this high-flying group, but has decided to reunite with her frenemies on the promise of career help if she joins the old cast for one last weekend.

When they arrive each is assigned a new identity themed around the "Twelve Days of Christmas"—they become Lady Partridge or Mr. Gold; Lord Leapworth or Doctor Swan. The game begins, and it feels just like old times. Until the next morning, when Lady Partridge is found hanging—dead—from a pear tree.

It quickly becomes clear that in this game the murder will be all too real, and the story is bringing long-hidden secrets to the surface. Will Charley’s discerning eye and outsider status allow her to uncover the truth, or will she, too, fall prey to the murderer among them?

If the group hopes to win the game and survive until Christmas morning, they will need to face the truth about their history together and who they have become—and what really happened on that fateful night twelve years before.

Andreina Cordani has published several young adult novels with Little Brown in Britain. The Twelve Days of Murder is her first adult novel—and her first novel to be published in America. She lives in Dorset.

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Endorsements & Reviews

"Cordani makes an impressive adult debut with this devious holiday whodunit. Cordani starts in the key of a holiday cozy but gets dark fast, a risky transition she pulls off without a hitch. Mystery lovers of all stripes will walk away satisfied." Publishers Weekly
"Told from multiple points of view, this compelling, complex, page-turning locked-room mystery is set in both the past and the present and is chock full of plot twists." Booklist
"A murder-mystery weekend turns actually deadly for a group of British friends. The pace quickens as the frenemies grow increasingly suspicious of one another. Scandals, hurt feelings, and secret ambitions are the suspected motives, but by the time one character rises to the top as a suspect, they’re killed off. Good for spreading holiday fear." Kirkus Reviews
Praise for Andreina Cordani:

"A fascinating look into the world of influencers where things certainly aren't as perfect as they seem. An excellent cast of believable characters and some jaw-dropping twists—a brilliant read.” Catherine Cooper, bestselling author of The Chalet
"I haven't been able to stop reading this wonderful book. It grabbed me from the first page and would not let me go." Sarah Ann Juckes, author of Outside
“A glitzy thriller and I felt every high, every low and every pressure. Perfect for fans of Gossip Girl and Karen M. McManus.” Naomi Gibson, author of Every Line of You
"I loved Dead Lucky. It was gripping, refreshing and wonderfully told: Andreina is brilliant at misdirection, so I had no idea what was ahead and all my early guesses about what was going on were wrong. The characters were my favourite aspect of the story: they were so vivid and real that they're still in my head weeks later. Maxine is an adorable protagonist, Sam is constantly surprising, and every single character in the book feels like a real person.I hugely recommend this book to anyone who likes a twisty thriller." Emily Barr, author of The One Memory of Flora Banks
“A thrilling mystery about an influencer who is murdered onscreen, and I absolutely loved it!" Amy McCaw, author of Mina and the Undead
"An electrifying murder mystery brimming with intrigue, twists and unforgettable characters. Clear your schedule—you won't be able to stop reading until you find out #WhoIsTheFace!" Kat Ellis, author of Wicked Little Deeds and Harrow Lake