Format Hardcover
Publication Date 06/06/23
ISBN 9781639364251
Trim Size / Pages 6 x 9 in / 320

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The Dark that Doesn't Sleep

A Novel

Simon Mockler

In this chilling novel—introducing an exciting new talent in thriller-writing—a psychiatrist is tasked with unraveling a mystery at a top-secret military base.

Winter 1967.

An arctic storm traps three soldiers at a secret American military base located under the ice in Greenland. When the rescue team finally reaches them, two of the soldiers have died in what seems to be an accidental fire and the third, Private Connor Murphy, is left severely burned—with no memory of the previous seven days.

New York psychiatrist—and occasional CIA consultant—Jack Miller is tasked with uncovering Murphy’s memories. Carrying his own scars from World War II, Miller feels a kinship with the badly disfigured young soldier and patiently works to help him recall the events of that deadly storm.

However, the CIA wants Miller to do more than just uncover the missing memories. They also tell him that one of the three soldiers was a Soviet spy—and he needs to figure out who. As Miller delves into the personal background of the other two soldiers, and the history of the isolated base, he quickly realizes that nothing is as it seems.

Simon Mockler studied Modern Languages at Cambridge University. The Dark that Doesn’t Sleep will be his first novel published in the United States.

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Endorsements & Reviews

"Reading in one sitting will dramatically increase the emotional impact. This is Mockler’s U.S. adult debut?a talented author to watch. One of the best historical thrillers I have read." Historical Novel Society
"YA author Simon Mockler makes his adult debut with a superb closed-circle mystery that begins after two suspicious deaths in Greenland in 1967. As he digs deeper, Miller unravels one sinister truth after another. Mockler maintains a high level of tension throughout—readers will rip through pages to get to the bottom of Miller’s reasoning. Admirers of golden age whodunits will be enthralled." Publishers Weekly (star)
"With a mind-blowing concept rooted in a dark corner of our espionage history, this clock-ticking novel will keep you guessing and fretting, fearful for its hero and the truth he seeks. A wonderful suspenseful, action filled novel, one that wonderfully captures the American history it portrays, right down to the whiskey for breakfast and cigarette haze of those Cold War days." James Grady, author of Six Days of the Condor
"In The Dark That Doesn’t Sleep, Mockler’s lean prose and sharp plotting make for an absolutely propulsive reading experience. As the pages fly by, we move from claustrophobic interrogation rooms in 1967 Washington, DC, to the dark heart of the mystery in the frozen Arctic. It’s a gripping tale that shifts ingeniously between the paranoia of spy fiction and the breathless tension of a psychological thriller. Not to be missed!" John Copenhaver, author of Dodging and Burning and The Savage Kind
"A tautly plotted political thriller written with depth and realism. A compelling, intelligent and twisty tale." Lisa Ballantyne, author of The Guilty One and The Innocent One
"A twisty, claustrophobic read that slowly boxes you in, slamming the lid down as you try to figure out what happened." Ava Barry, author of Double Exposure and Windhall
“Simon Mockler’s The Dark That Doesn’t Sleep is propulsive, twisty, and tense as hell. Mockler’s characters are haunted and haunting. This book hits hard and fast. I couldn’t put it down and can’t stop thinking about it.” William Boyle, author of Shoot the Moonlight Out and City of Margins
"Building layer upon layer of suspense, this masterfully complex and intelligent story will pull you in and lead you through a maze of intrigue every bit as claustrophobic and atmospheric as the icy tunnels of a mysterious cold-war outpost in the Arctic... In The Dark That Doesn’t Sleep, Simon Mockler beautifully captures the paranoia and distrust of 1967 Washington, trapped in internecine cover-ups and cold-war machinations, with a tale that twists and turns in fabulously unexpected and labyrinthine ways. A gripping, atmospheric and intelligent read." Chris Lloyd, author of Paris Requiem
The Dark That Doesn’t Sleep is a deliciously atmospheric thriller with twists that will chill you to your bones! Sign me up for whatever Simon Mockler does next!” Stacie Murphy, author of The Unquiet Dead and A Deadly Fortune