Format Hardcover
Publication Date 01/07/14
ISBN 9781605984940
Trim Size / Pages in / 368

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Piero's Light

Larry Witham

In the tradition of The Swerve and Galileo's Daughter, Piero's Light reveals how art, religion and science came together at the dawn of the modern world in the paintings of one remarkable artist.

An innovative painter in the early generation of Renaissance artists, Piero dell Francesca was also an expert on religious topics and a mathematician who wanted to use perspective and geometry to make painting a “true science.” Although only sixteen of Piero’s works survive, few art historians doubt his importance in the Renaissance. A 1992 conference of international experts meeting at the National Gallery of Art deemed Piero, “One of the most highly regarded painters of the early Renaissance, and one of the most respected artists of all time.” In recent years, the quest for Piero has continued among intrepid scholars, and Piero's Light uncovers the life of this remarkable artistic revolutionary and enduring legacy of the Italian Renaissance.

Larry Witham is author of more than twelve books, including By Design: Science and the Sea; Art Schooled; and Picasso and the Chess Player. He lives the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC .

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