Format Hardcover
Publication Date 08/02/22
ISBN 9781639362011
Trim Size / Pages 6 x 9 in / 304

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Looking Up

The True Adventures of a Storm-Chasing Weather Nerd

Matthew Cappucci

An energetic and electrifying narrative about all things weather—by one of today's rising meteorological stars.

Get in—we’re going storm-chasing!

Imagine a very cool weather nerd has just pulled up to you and yelled this out the window of his custom-built armored storm-chasing truck. The wind is whipping around, he’s munching on Wawa, it’s all very chaotic—yet as you look into his grinning face, you feel the greatest surge of adrenaline you have ever felt in your life. Hallelujah: your cavalry is here!

Welcome to the brilliance of Looking Up, the lively new book from rising meterology star Matthew Cappucci. He’s a meteorologist for The Washington Post, and you might think of him as Doogie Howser meets Bill Paxton from Twister, with a dash of Leonardo DiCaprio from Catch Me If You Can. A self-proclaimed weather nerd, at the age of fourteen he talked his way into delivering a presentation on waterspouts at the American Meteorological Society's annual broadcast conference by fudging his age on the application and created his own major on weather science while an undergrad at Harvard.

Combining reportage and accessible science with personal storytelling and infectious enthusiasm, Looking Up is a riveting ride through the state of our weather and a touching story about parents and mentors helping a budding scientist achieve his improbable dreams. Throughout, readers get a tutorial on the basics of weather science and the impact of the climate.

As our country’s leaders sound the alarm on climate change, few people have as close a view to how serious the situation actually is than those whose job is to follow the weather, which is the daily dose of climate we interact with and experience every day.

The weather affects every aspect of our lives (even our art) as well as our future. The way we think about it requires a whole-life overhaul. Rain or shine, tropical storm or twister, Cappucci is here to help us begin the process.

So get in his storm-chasing truck already, will ya?

A self-proclaimed natural disaster, Matthew Capucci has lived a tempestuous life beyond chasing storms.  He began presenting at conferences and writing for local newspapers at age fourteen, and attended Harvard University, where he created his own special concentration in atmospheric sciences‚ the first-ever in the institution’s 400-year history.  A meteorologist for The Washington Post, Matthew does routine forecasts on NPR, fCanada’s CTV News Network (during hurricane season), makse international television appearances during tornado and wildfire episodes, and serves as a U.S. tropical weather expert for BBC News. A passionate advocate for introducing children and young people to the joy of science, he works part-time as an educational and college admissions consultant, has delivered motivational speeches around the world, and is a regular on SiriusXM’s “Children’s Palace.”

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Endorsements & Reviews

"A meteorologist recounts a life spent chasing the weather, from the “rare, beautiful moments” that make up storms to the increasing severity of climate change." New York Times Book Review
"Washington Post meteorologist Cappucci, a first-time author, shares his passion for supercells, thundersnow, and the thrill of the chase in this engaging science memoir. Anyone chasing their dreams will find plenty of inspiration in Cappucci’s journey."
Library Journal
"Meteorologist Cappucci shares the ups and downs of his lifelong obsession with atmospheric spectacles in his thoughtful debut...In exciting and humorous prose, Cappucci describes chasing 'villainous' supercell storms. He also has a sure hand in making intense natural phenomena understandable to lay readers. And his reveling in the 'everyday simple gifts' of life—such as a flash of lightning or the meals at his 'all-time favorite restaurant,' Waffle House—is charming. This is fun from start to finish." Publishers Weekly
"In this lively memoir, avid meteorologist Cappucci shares his lifelong passion for all things climate related, regaling readers with his adventures studying, reporting, and chasing weatherrelated events around the globe during his first quarter century...The explanations of weather phenomena are clear and accessible, and some of the authors’ own photographs are included. This energetic and captivating narrative is sure to take readers by storm." Booklist