Format Paperback
Publication Date 05/01/13
ISBN 9781605984377
Trim Size / Pages 6 x 9 in / 352

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James Bond: Brokenclaw

A 007 Novel

John Gardner

"All the classic ingredients are there for gourmet Bond lovers." —The Birmingham Post

Bond was feeling bored and resentful. Bored with sitting behind a desk, shuffling bits of paper around. Resentful that M seemed to have left him to rot. But with a threat of resignation, M send Bond away on holiday.

But it is on holiday on Vancouver Island that life begins to look up. Brokenclaw Lee, a half-Chinese, half-Crow Indian, catches Bond's attention. A huge man who exudes power and ruthlessness.

Then, summoned to San Francisco, Bond learns more about the mysterious Mr. Lee and his underworld empire. Learns about the five missing scientists and their ultra-secret work. Bond then meets Brokenclaw's new and beautiful business partner, Chi-Chi.

Suddenly life was interesting again. And very, very dangerous.

Thriller writer John Gardner (1926-2007) had fifty-five books to his credit when he passed away, many of them bestsellers, which include his trilogy of James Moriarty novels. 

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