Format Hardcover
Publication Date 09/05/23
ISBN 9781639364770
Trim Size / Pages 6 x 9 in / 288

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Hope Fights Back

Fifty Marathons and a Life or Death Race Against ALS

Andrea Lytle Peet Meredith Atwood

The incredible story of a young woman living with ALS, who defies all odds by finishing fifty marathons and, in turn, inspires people to “go on, be brave.”

Andrea Lytle Peet was thirty-three years old—an urban planner living in D.C., newly married, and a triathlete—when she received the death sentence of an ALS diagnosis (also known as Lou Gehrig's disease). After grappling with the fact that she will likely become paralyzed and die within two to five years, Andrea experienced an unexpected spark that changes her outlook in the most magnificent way.

Inspired by Jon Blais, famous for finishing the IRONMAN World Championship while fighting the same disease, Andrea sets an "impossible" goal to become the first person with ALS to complete a marathon in all fifty U.S. states on her recumbent trike—since she is no longer able to run. In her mission, Andrea recaptures the freedom that racing always gave her and inspires others to appreciate what our bodies can do. Her mindset shifts to accepting that although she is dying faster than she might have otherwise, we are all on the same path. Andrea, along with her husband and ALS community, prove that we all have choices in how we spend our precious lives—no matter what challenges we face.

Hope Fights Back chronicles what happens when we choose to live instead of waiting to die. It is a "love letter to life" and a beautiful love story between Andrea and her husband, David. Andrea’s words are awe-inspiring for athletes and non-athletes alike. The reader intimately witnesses Andrea’s tenacity, determination and bravery, not only in accomplishing her fifty marathons goal, but in her day-to-day life with ALS. In a world where “hope” sometimes feels quiet and aspirational, Andrea reveals that hope is, instead, a valiant warrior that changes everything when it fights back.

In Hope Fights Back, readers will be empowered by Andrea's force as an athlete and a woman fighting the battle of her life. For readers of Until I Say Goodbye, Let Your Mind Run and Between Two Kingdoms, Hope Fights Back is a magnetic and radiant story filled with soul-baring honesty, love and true grit.

A documentary about Andrea’s triumphant journey, Go On, Be Brave, will premier at the 2023 Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

Andrea Lytle Peet, an urban planer and triathlete, was diagnosed with ALS at the age of thirty-three and she began to write her story with the disease as it unfolded—in real time. Andrea and her husband, David, established Team Drea Foundation which raises funds for ALS research. She is a graduate of Davidson College and Georgia Tech and currently lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her husband and two cats. 

Meredith Atwood is an attorney, author of two books (Triathlon for the Every Woman: You can be a Triathlete. Yes. You, and The Year of No Nonsense: How to Get Over Yourself and on with Your Life, and four-time IRONMAN triathlete. She was the host of "The Same 24 Hours" podcast and has written for Triathlete Magazine, Psychology, Women’s Running and  She is a graduation of the University of Georgia and lives in the Atlanta area with her husband, two teenagers, a lizard and a recently-adopted cat.

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Endorsements & Reviews

"Andrea Peet is an example of what happens when hope is met with passion and perseverance. Her story is an inspiration to all of us." Tony Hawk, Professional Skateboarder 
“Although her own time is limited by ALS, Andrea shows that this is no barrier to living a life that is truly without limits. When so many would lose hope, instead Andrea’s fighting spirit burns like an insatiable fire. Her relentless optimism, bravery, positivity and strength is woven into page of Hope Fights Back, and one cannot read her jaw-dropping story without feeling utterly inspired, determined to seize every opportunity and make the moment of every moment we have.” Chrissie Wellington OBE, four times Ironman World Champion triathlete 
“Despite the limitations imposed by ALS, Andrea shatters the belief that it hampers her achievements and being. She gives hope to so many that have lost it. Hope Fights Back is full of optimism, positivity, and strength. Its profound message serves as a powerful reminder for all of us to seize every waking moment and make the most of our lives.” Mike Reilly, the Voice of IRONMAN, USA Triathlon Hall of Fame
“What is the purpose of hope? Andrea Lytle Peet shines a light on this question as she details accepting life with ALS. In her story, at times heartbreaking and humorous, we can all find lessons on how to move forward with intention, even against the current. Hope Fights Back inspires and celebrates the beauty of choice.” Sarah Gearhart, author of We Share the Sun