Format Hardcover
Publication Date 01/10/17
ISBN 9781681773018
Trim Size / Pages 6 x 9 in / 400

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For the Most Beautiful

A Novel of the Women of Troy

Emily Hauser

The hidden tale of the Trojan War: a novel full of passion and revenge, bravery and sacrifice, now is the time for the women of Troy to tell their story.

Three thousand years ago a war took place where legends were born: Achilles, the greatest of the Greeks, and Hector, prince of Troy. Both men were made and destroyed by the war that shook the foundations of the ancient world.

But what if there was more to the tale of these heroes than we know? How would the Trojan War have looked as seen through the eyes of its women? Krisayis, the ambitious, determined daughter of the High Priest of Troy, and Briseis, loyal and passionate princess of Pedasus, interweave their tales alongside Homer’s classic story of the rage of Achilles and the gods of Olympus. What follows is a breathtaking tale of love and revenge, destiny and the determination, as these two brave women, the heroes of the Trojan War, and the gods themselves come face to face in an epic battle that will decide the fate of Troy.

A glorious debut full of passion and revenge, loyalty and betrayal, Emily Hauser breathes exhilarating new life into one of history's greatest legends.

Emily Hauser studied Classics at Cambridge, where she was taught by Mary Beard. She then went to Harvard as a Fulbright Scholar and now teaches at Yale, where she is completing her PhD in Classics. She has won several prizes for her academic work, including the University of Cambridge Chancellor’s Medal and the Alice Derby Lang Essay Prize at Yale. For the Most Beautiful—the first book in the Golden Apple trilogy—is her debut novel. She lives in New Haven, Connecticut.

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Endorsements & Reviews

"Once in a while something comes along that’s so utterly right, that you wonder why nobody thought of it before. Hauser’s stunning debut novel brings ancient Troy wildly, raucously, passionately alive." Manda Scott, bestselling author of 'Boudica'
"In the vein of authors like Marion Zimmer Bradley and Ursula K. Le Guin, For the Most Beautiful gives this well-worn tale new life." Bookreporter
"A fascinating picture of life in Bronze-Age Troy, from the point of view of women at both the top and bottom of society. The author’s knowledge of, and respect for, the period shines through. Read it twice. You won’t regret it." Historical Novels Review
"A delight from start to finish. A clever premise and thoroughly enjoyable." Elizabeth Fremantle, author of 'Sisters of Treason'
"A fresh reinterpretation of the story of the Trojan War and the fall of Troy. Hauser’s characters are brave, willful, sometimes foolish, impulsive, and utterly relatable, and her portrayal of the manipulative, capricious gods is particularly wonderful. Extensively researched and based on many of the minor characters of Homer’s great work, this quick-paced, enthralling retelling will attract readers who loved Madeline Miller’s The Song of ­Achilles." Library Journal (starred)
"A brilliant reimagining of the Iliad, faithful to the original yet completely accessible. A lively new take on a classic." Terence Hawkins, author of 'The Rage of Achilles'
"A consuming debut novel. Hauser’s diverting take on this timeless tale delivers romance, action, and intrigue." Publishers Weekly