Format Hardcover
Publication Date 06/04/24
ISBN 9781639366446
Trim Size / Pages 8.25 x 5.5 in / 256

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Best Story Wins

Storytelling for Business Success

Mark Edwards

An inspiring, practical, and timely new guide on how to harness the power of storytelling in our communications at work.

Whether you're standing up in front of a crowd at a conference or chatting with a colleague in an elevator, storytelling is the most effective way to get your point across. It works in ninety-second Superbowl television spots, it works in ten-second social media formats, and it works in that email you have to fire off in five seconds flat.

Why? The short answer is that people don't make decisions based on logic. They make decisions based on emotions. To persuade, influence, and inspire, you need to make an emotional connection. And storytelling is the best way of doing that.

Journalist-turned-business coach Mark Edwards has developed his own methodology for telling compelling stories at work. Best Story Wins shows how storytelling will make better communicators of us all.

Mark Edwards has two parallel careers—as a journalist and as a trainer/life coach. As a journalist he began his career writing in magazines, including GQ, Esquire, and Blitz. For the past twenty-five years his work has appeared virtually every week in the London Sunday Times, and for twelve of those years he was the paper's chief pop music critic. As a coach and trainer, he works with individuals to help them live with more purpose and meaning. He is the co-author of Belonging: The Key to Transforming and Maintaining Diversity, Inclusion, and Equality at WorkHe lives in London.

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Endorsements & Reviews

Praise for Belonging: The Key to Transforming and Maintaining Diversity, Inclusion, and Equality at Work:

Belonging never forgets that diversity is not a problem to be solved but an opportunity to be grasped. It's essential reading for anyone who wants to take diversity in their organization from fine words to reality.” Mark Thompson, former president and CEO, The New York Times
“The most important business book of the year. Belonging functions as both a wake-up call, explaining why it is in the interests of such men to embrace diversity, inclusion, and belonging, as well as a high-level how-to guide, offering practical advice on how best to go about making such changes.” Esquire Magazine
“If there was a time for Belonging, then it is now. This book not only underscores the need and importance of diversity but also makes the case that diversity is not just a 'nice to have' endeavour but a true competitive edge that allows companies to unleash innovation, employee joy, corporate reputation and value creation.” Rishad Tobaccowala, author of Restoring the Soul of Business: Staying Human in the Age of Data
“At a time when things need to change, and change fast, the authors of Belonging have written a new guidebook for running businesses today. Current leaders—and those who hope to become leaders—will gain critical and actionable insights on diversity and inclusion from this important book.” Bob Pittman, Chairman and CEO, iHeartMedia, Inc.
Belonging is an important book for anyone who wants to attract and keep diverse talent. It is full of new voices describing the experience of being different and unable to fully participate and contribute at work. It has practical advice that any one of us could implement the next day to make ourselves more aware and inclusive. If you want to stop just talking about inclusion and start doing something about it—this is the book for you.” Jan Gooding, former Chair, Stonewall
Belonging takes a complex and often uncomfortable subject and makes it truly accessible and absolutely achievable by weaving real stories, sharp analysis and practical, business-ready solutions. Whether on day 1 of your career or a 30 year veteran of your profession, buy this book and create the change your organisation, and the world, needs.” Sarah Jenkins, Managing Director, Saatchi & Saatchi
“A real roadmap oozing with intelligent, tried and tested success strategies that can be implemented right away is just what I would expect from three of the brightest minds in the business. Belonging is a must read for anyone interested in inclusion and self-fulfilment at work—it's honest, practical and really could not have come at a better time, when the need to change culture is urgent and small, incremental shifts just won't cut it.” Leila Siddiqi, Associate Director, Diversity, IPA