Format Hardcover
Publication Date 05/07/24
ISBN 9781639366606
Trim Size / Pages 6 x 9 in / 272

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All You Need is Rhythm & Grit

How to Run Now—for Health, Joy, and a Body That Loves You Back

Cory Wharton-Malcolm

An infectiously positive and inclusive guide to running, from everyone's favourite Apple Fitness+ and Nike trainer, Coach Cory Wharton-Malcolm.

"Everything Wharton-Malcolm does has the aim of helping people achieve the best version of themselves."—Evening Standard

Think running isn't for you? Cory Wharton-Malcolm challenges this idea head-on with this joyful love letter to running and a motivational guide for everyone. Advocating running as an inclusive and community-focused activity, Cory shows us how to celebrate the incredible mind-body connection by getting your sneakers on and starting your running journey from the couch to the end of the road and beyond.

Sharing stories of his own mental and physical health challenges and the way running—both alone and with track buddies—lifted him up, All You Need is Rhythm and Grit includes advice on gear, running routes, pacing, good beats, and the will to start . . . and keep going.

Cory believes you don't have to be a tall and slim superhuman to run and feel good doing it! For anyone who thinks running isn't for them, here is a vibrant and inclusive guide to one of the most egalitarian sports for people of all genders, all bodies, all identities, and every class and color.

Cory Wharton-Malcolm is a running coach, Runner's World columnist, founder of the West London running crew TrackMafia, and an Apple Fitness+ trainer who embarks on running adventures all over the world with 'Time To Run'. Previously Nike Run Club's European Head Coach and still the voice of the Nike Run Club app, he has been featured in publications including the Guardian, the Evening StandardMen's Health, and Metro.

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Endorsements & Reviews

"Cory Wharton-Malcolm joyfully makes room for people to bring their full selves to the track in All You Need is Rhythm & Grit. The book is refreshingly real about the pains and the joys of running; one feels a sense of 'I can do this, but it’s going to be tough.' Though his base pace as a beginner was 13 minutes per mile, Wharton-Malcolm now thanks running for meeting his wife, finding purposeful work and tapping into what he calls “cardio confidence.” Wharton-Malcolm, who is a large-bodied Black man, argues for a more inclusive sport. He undeniably achieves much in this slim volume: encouragement, connection and tips to nudge any would-be runner off the couch and into the world." Bookpage
"The author’s you-can-do-it attitude uplifts, and the bounty of warm-up exercises, dietary suggestions, and strength and core workouts are practical and easy to follow. Readers will be inspired to hit the pavement. [An] empowering debut." Publishers Weekly
"A game changer for ANY runner out there. Inspiring and powerful. From the moment I picked this book up, all I felt was joy and hope. Nothing is sugar coated, but handed out and served so beautifully, and will share some insight into Cory's journey, which will instantly resonate. A true gift to the running community." Dora Atim, founder of Ultra Black Running
"All you need is Rhythm and Grit is not just a title but a philosophy. What Cory has managed to create inside these pages is a love letter to a sport that most people think doesn't love them. He reaches out from the page to speak directly to anyone who needs to hear his message that running IS for you and that it can exist as a tool to discover the person that you deserve to be. Through both brutal and delicate tales from the road and beyond Cory manages to turn running into a joyful and attainable activity that can bring so much more than just fitness into your life."

Tom Flowers, Runner, Wizard & Co-conspirator of TrackMafia
"A perfect blend of the why and the how of running, with both the inspiration and the information you need to power your running journey. Entertaining, engaging and crammed with knowledge, Cory Wharton-Malcolm's book could change your life."

Joe Mackie, deputy editor, Runner’s World magazine
"An inspiring journey of self-discovery through the world of running. Cory Wharton-Malcolm's book breaks down barriers and proves that anyone can embrace the joy of running, regardless of their preconceptions. Get ready to embark on a transformative adventure, discovering your own unique path to strength and happiness."

Hector Espinal, Co-founder of We Run Uptown
Praise for Cory Wharton-Malcolm:

"Wharton-Malcolm adds an infectious, positive and playful energy to your run."
Runner's World
"Championing inclusivity is a huge part of the man better known as Beefy's MO." Men's Health
"Cory proves that you don't have to look like a stereotypical runner to feel the benefits."
Metro (London)