Format Hardcover
Publication Date 08/01/12
ISBN 9781605983639
Trim Size / Pages in / 304

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A Way With Murder

R. J. Jagger

Bryson Wilde, investigator for hire, lives in an edgy world where the dames are dangerous, cigarettes dangle from ruby-red lips, and the nights are hotter than whiskey-soaked jazz. In R. J. Jagger's riveting noir thriller A Way with Murder, Wilde finds himself entangled in two deadly assignments, one for a young, raven-haired attorney on the run after visiting an archeological site in Mexico, and the other for a pretty, little doll-face, who is too mysterious to trust and too hypnotic to resist. As Wilde negotiates the dangerous undercurrents of his treacherous new cases, he soon discovers that not only are the two on a collision course with each other, but that no one is safe when someone who has such a way with murder is around...

This audiobook is a love song to the hard-boiled novels of the '50s, and author R. J. Jagger's talent recalls the early works of Scott Turow and Lisa Scottoline.

R. J. Jagger is the pseudonym of a novelist and trial attorney who lives in Golden, Colorado.

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