Format Paperback
Publication Date 11/16/15
ISBN 9781605989839
Trim Size / Pages 8 x 8 in / 204

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A Brothers Grimm Coloring Book and Other Classic Fairy Tales

Escape into a World of Fantasy and Imagination

Adam Fisher

Fall under the spell of the folklore and fairy tales all over again in this gorgeous new coloring book for all ages.

Rapunzel. Hansel and Gretel. Cinderella. Sleeping Beauty. Snow White. We've known these characters since we were children, but in this elegant new coloring book, these characters are waiting to be brought back to vivid life, through coloring. Based off of the masterpieces of the Brothers Grimm, acclaimed British artist Adam Fisher has created a black and white wonderland just waiting to be filled in.

The tales originally began with "once upon a time," and now The Brothers Grimm Coloring Book: And Other Classic Fairy Tales offers a soothing escape into a world of inspiration and fantasy—where you create your own unexpected and colorful ending!

Adam Fisher is an artist and illustrator who grew up exploring his local Welsh forests and drawing what he observed. Now that he is grown up, he is still exploring forests (albeit ones further afield) and sketching what inspires him. In between he creates artwork for books as well as publications such as National Geographic and the Financial Times. He lives in Wales.

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